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Claim submitted on November 5, 2014 for a Thermador Dual Fuel Drop-in Self Venting Down Draft Oven. Slow response time and a lack of an service provider within the HMS in-network of service providers resulted in my having to seek out and hire my own Thermador Service provider to diagnose my Thermador oven.

After the diagnosis was made and details were sent to HMS there was no follow up calls to wither myself or my service provider by HMS. HMS and Trio Appliance agree that the damaged part is no longer available, only viable option to repair my stove is to sent existing mother board to be rebuilt. HMS alleges that rebuilding mother boards is against HMS policy, HMS authorized replacement of existing Thermador oven with a GE Oven Model Number JGB697SEHSS, a product HMS has determined to be a suitable replacement for a Thermador Model Number RDD530VRS. HMS declined to contact Trio Appliance to discuss specifics of the island and exhaust system currently in use in my home.

HMS made its authorization to replace my current oven with only a make, model, and serial number of the existing Themador appliance. HMS was not interested in any other information pertaining to the appliance or the location and set up currently being utilized, HMS refused to contact Trio TV and Appliance to acquire more information about the area and venting operating system. I was offered a second option of choosing a claim refund of $864 if I declined the proposed replacement oven and made a purchase of my own choosing. HMS expected me to accept a considerably lesser quality oven deemed to be a comparable replacement.

HMS indicated that the replacement oven installation was the only covered cost after they were informed that accepting the GE JGB697SEHSS would require me to spend at least $3500 at my expense to replace or heavily modify my existing cooking island, remove and install a new exhaust and vent system because the oven offered to me is not a down draft self venting oven like the one it is proposed to be replaced. HMS customer service representatives insisted my only options were to accept the oven or the claims credit of $864. Two representative encouraged me to accept the claims check, repair the oven as I see fit and start saving to replace the Thermador if it fails again because unless I accept the new oven, my old one will no longer be covered by my HMS Warranty. After insisting that I should not have to accept an incompatible oven or a claim credit of less than a third of the cost of a truly comparable oven to a Thermador, I was promised a second look at my claim by the authorization department.

HMS did not followup with me during the following two and a half weeks, when I called to seek information concerning the status of my claim, I was told that they were still seeking a Thermador service provider. After asking to speak with a supervisor or Carlos in the Authorization Department (I was told customers do not speak with members of the Authorization Department, EVER!), I was transfered to a supervisor who attempted to "handle"me rather than resolve my claim concerns. The last three persons I spoke with before withdrawing my claim on December 17, 2014 which included Ebony Modeste, Claims Supervisor, Office of the President , Cross Country Home Warranty Company did not listen to what I was saying, each indicated that the authorized oven replacement or claim credit of $864 was upheld or I could simply withdraw the claim and repair the oven myself, as it will not longer be covered by my warranty. Ebony Modeste sent me an email and telephoned me after I spoke with customer service and informed them I was withdrawing my claim due to the length of time take to service the claim and the lack of cooperation on the part of HMS to listen to my concerns and complaints.

I was ignored talked over and then told to let them finish telling me what they had to say after I was rudely interrupted trying explain my rationals or opinions to the decisions made by HMS concerning my claim. My request to withdraw the claim was ignored, evidenced by the fact that Ebony Modeste called me in an attempt to resolve the claim by offering me another incompatible oven and by increasing the claim credit to $1882, I was sent an email with an attachment describing my options and directions on how to go about informing HMS/Cross Country Home Warranty I would be interested in taking. I declined both offers in part because the attachment had been a template for another disgruntled customer for a cloths dryer, Ms. Modeste neglected to proof read the document prior to sending it.

I sent a written response declining the offers and indicated that I choose to withdraw the claim in its entirety. on the morning of December 18, 2014, I received a telephone call from a HMS network service provider who was hired to install and oven at my residence asking if my oven had been delivered and if there was going to be someone at my home within the hour to allow him to install an oven. Ebony Modeste either ignored my answer or did not receive it until the following morning. Either way she chose to hire a service company to install and oven I did not accept both verbally and in writing the day prior.

After getting off the phone with Kevin from some random service company, I called HMS to clarify if they had received my telephone and email response declining the authorized oven and claim credit and to withdraw my claim. The woman who answered the phone, had no record of my notice to withdraw the claim or the new changes in the claim provided the evening of the 17th, by Ebony Modeste. During that call another HMS representative called me to discuss why I declined service from Kevin the service guy. Again she had no idea what was going on or that I had requested to withdraw my claim on the 17th or that I declined the second stove due to the same incompatibility issues and the increased claim credit.

HMS should not have taken 43 days to seek a satisfactory resolution to my claim.

HMS Claims Supervisor made a decision to hire a contractor to install an oven that is incompatible with my current oven location and ventilation system before I responded to her poorly presented written offer and after I withdrew my claim for the repair of my oven.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2900.

Preferred solution: I want a written apology from every one involved with my claim, I think $5000 dollars for each of the 43 days I waited for HMS resolve my claim is appropriate..

I didn't like: Slow response time, Agents do not actively listen, Take it or leave it resolutions, Being placated, Being interrupted or cut off, Irrational claim authorizations, Lack of effort.

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #921273

Dear, I’m sorry your claim experience wasn’t what you expected and it took a long time to reach a satisfactory resolution. This is an unusual handle time for a claim.

I’m going to review your claim to determine what caused the delay and contact you directly to discuss your concerns.

I appreciate you taking the time to provide us with feedback. – Stephanie, eRelations Specialist, Cross Country Home Services

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