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All they want is your money. They don't care about anyone or anything else.

They up their deductibles and don't bother to inform their customers and they assign companies that are not in your area and cannot service you.

They NEVER return their calls when messages are left. I tried to cancel the policy and they wouldn't allow it!!!! Said they would penalize me financially monthly and turn me over to Credit Bureaus. I tried to modify my plan and remove some add-ons and they wouldn't allow it.

They continue to charge my credit card and I continue to dispute their overcharges.

Don't ever use Total Protect Warranty Company. Cross Country Home Services is their managing company and also a bad joke.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cross Country Home Services Warranty.

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All home warranty companies are good for is helping realtors sell houses, by short circuiting the price negotiations on home sales. Offering a home warranty provides an escape route for the seller, and fake peace of mind for the buyer.

Home buying and selling is such an intimidating process, that consumers are easily misled by realtors and home inspectors and home warranty companies, and lulled into a false sense of security. Ultimately, home ownership comes with many responsibilities, including costly repairs, maintenance and replacement costs. Appliances and building materials are not meant to last forever, and there comes a time when serious money must be spent to ensure working order. Home warranty companies offer to “cover” these repairs for homeowners, but that does not mean they will pay for them.

The hassle of getting anything done is hardly worth the shoddy repairs, long wait times, and awful customer service. How they get away with it is similar regardless of which home warranty company is used. The plans have loopholes, the contractors are in cahoots with their employers (warranty companies) and they can outlast and outmaneuver the customers, al within the realms of the terms of the contracts that they wrote themselves. Stop using home warranties, and if you are looking at buying a house, refuse the home warranty that will be offered, and ask for the money or discount on the house price.

Don’t use a home inspector but instead, hire local tradesmen that actually do the type work to evaluate the house you are interested in. Their opinion will go a lot further than a home inspector in pointing out potential problems and negotiating repairs. The realtors don’t want buyers to know this is an option, often saying that a home inspector is required to purchase a home.

Buyers are welcome to have their own HVAC tech, plumber, electrician, roofer, foundation expert, etc take a look at a house before the deal is made. Why wait until after you move in to find out about major problems?

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