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The Sears Home Warranty/Cross Country/A & E, etc., etc. is more awful than I would ever think.

A service repairman suggested I purchase it. Boy, was I stupid - would love to meet this person again! I never ever would think a warranty repair service that I pay 49$ a month would screw me so bad. I have a refrigerator that only cools to 48 degrees.

Since September 2018 I have been trying to get it fixed through my home warranty. Paid deposit only to find out today they are charging me for it again. Have proof, so that should be a moot point. We will see.

These people are unreal. Indian in origin, they don't care a bit about our plight. They won't see us anywhere. Today was to be THE DAY my fridge was fixed.

All three parts are here. (I had to find and buy one pf the parts myself because they couldn't/wouldn't/didn't want to find it) OK - you decide - there are two mechanical parts that are held in place by a bracket. Should it all be covered? Oh - no.

I was told after a month of being put off, that the third missing part was in process? on back order? or worse, I found out eventually - only by me calling THEM, not them calling me - that THEY considered the bracket non mechanical and would not cover it. Not to worry I said - you said it couldn't/ isn't existing/not able to be found - so I merely went to ebay and ordered it, paid for it myself, and have it in my possession.

Game on - let's fix this fridge. Already missed having Thanksgiving with my family (I'm a 72 year old Grandma) because of a fridge not keeping safe cool temps. Soo - I had a December 13 - hallelujah - date from 8 am to 12 pm to get it finally fixed for a happy Christmas. Guess what?

I had everything ready at 7-the parts inside the house, the dogs put away - and waited.. and waited. and waited.

Unlike the advertising that said in my email that they would let me know if there was a problem, or they would be late-nothing happened, of course. I was rescheduled until 12/28.I will sue.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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