Been paying these rip-offs (Cross Country Home Services) for 6 years. Now I have been waiting for service for five days in eighty-five plus degree weather.

They just pass me from provider to provider( A.C.)who have answered none of their calls neither have they given me a call. These companies must know about cross country because no one responded. I have paid enough money over the years to put in a new unit. If I had three words for them it would be "THE WORST EVER".

How could these people get away with all the complaints I am now reading.

I say class action law suit and I am the guy to get it started. Legal strong arm robbery without a gun is what I would call it.

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Hemet, California, United States #1044021

Does any one out there know of a reputable company they can recommend to the people out here??

Hemet, California, United States #1044018

Did you get the law suit started?? I'm am reading up on this company and not believe what I'm reading.

I got a a letter from my Mortgage company recommending this company ?? I don't think so after reading what I'm reading. I hope you did get a law suit started.

This company needs to be held responsible for there contract to just do the right thing.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #961888

We also waited too long for A/C service. Told CCHS we have a disabled family member who cannot stay in extreme heat.

Did not matter to them.

We were forced to take her to a hotel where she was very uncomfortable. Looking for a new HWC.......Shame on you, CCHS!

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States #956584

Ready to start action against this company. Let's talk!

Sunrise, Florida, United States #826639

Anonymous - This is JP from Cross Country Home Services. We would like to have the opportunity to address this matter with you.

At Cross Country Home Services, we strive to provide all our members with coverage that provides the highest possible value at an affordable rate. I would be happy to look into the specifics of your situation to ensure you received every possible benefit your policy affords.

Please email us at erelations@cchs.com and provide us with your name, property address and phone number with best time to contact you.

We will investigate the situation and report back to you as soon as possible.

JP, eRelations Specialist

Cross Country Home Services

to erelationsHMS #1042348

Hello JP

Mireille costa

11304 Halethorpe ter #179

Germantown Md 20876

410 539 1902 call anytime we are retired

Please review our information. At this time we are looking for reembursement of the replacement value of our single unit washer and dryer we have already replaced it could not wait the six weeks quoted to us.

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