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Update by user Jan 10

After several phone calls, my issues was resolved to my satisfaction. The service was completed and I was finally reimbursed for paying a double deductible for the same service.

Original review posted by user Dec 03, 2018

In May I called in a service order for my furnace, a service tech was dispatched, I paid my deductible $100.00, and was told parts had to be replaced and were being ordered. Service tech told me that as soon as the parts arrive he would go out and install parts.

In October, I receive a call from the elderly lady who is staying in the home that she could not turn on the heat because the tech did not return to fixt the parts. I called and the tech could not be located. Another tech was sent out to check on the furnace. I paid another deductible $100.00.

The Tech stated that several parts were needed and they were being ordered and he would call me when they came in. After two weeks. I spoke with the tech, not parts had come in. The weather started to get worst and we had several days of freezing temps.

I call the company regarding the status of the parts and the service for the furnace. First call was 10/31/18. After 3 weeks called on 11/26/18; 2:57 PM spoke with a representative for 25 min 36 seconds. I indicated that it had been 3 weeks and that having an elderly person using space heaters to keep warm was unacceptable.

I was informed that some one would call me back within 24 hours. On 11/28/18,; 10:07 am 35 min 37 sec. after no one called, I called again, again told parts was ordered. I inquired about another vendor and was told that they were researching it, and a supervisor would call me back.

On 11/29/18; 2:21 pm 33 mins 51 sec., I called again because no one had returned my call and was told that the parts was order, again they were researching and someone would call me back and that they were marking my request as urgent. On 12/1 /18; 9:24 a.m. 22 min and 17 secs,,I called again very concerned that no one had called and no one could give me a clear answer about why it was taking almost a month now to get a part that I could have picked up my self. I was told that she did not see that I had requested a call back and that because I had requested more that once, it was canceled out of the system.

I was told again for the 3rd or 4th time that someone would call me because each time I was unable to speak with a supervisor. On 12/2/18, 9:28 am, 30 min 9 sec during my 30 min 9 sec. call, I was told again that one part came in but another one was being shipped. I was very frustrated at this point and asked for the website to file a complaint and told her I would be contacting my attorney and going to the public because I could not as this elderly lady to wait another month for a part to come in and the furnace to be fixed.

She finally allowed me to speak to a supervisor and the supervisor said she would call me back and she would check on it. I did not get a return call so on today 12/3/18 at 9:34 am, for 23 min. 26 sec. I spoke to another rep.

that told me the part had not even been ordered and that it was being expedited. I asked again to speak to a supervisor since Ms. Lang did not call me back. she of course informed like all the previous reps did that one was not available and tat someone would call me back to day.

12/3/18. I have been with this company since 2012 and have never experienced this kind of treatment. The representatives are trained very well to say "I am so sorry for the inconvenience and we will have some one call you regarding the matter", which is a lie because in a week of calling I have yet had the opportunity to speak with someone to tell me anything else but the part was ordered, or not ordered, or there is a delay. This is very unprofessional and due to the nature and age of the individual, I feel it is very inconsiderate and uncaring to an elderly person.

In addition, I have never been late with my premium and have only utilized the service one during the year. To advertise that you offer customer service 24/7 is lying to the public. The only thing I have gotten in a week is someone will call you back and no one has thus far.

So from the initial call in May 2018, I have paid two deductibles $200.00 and as of today 12/3/18 the repairs to the unit is not done. At this point I have no other option but to contact my attorney and go to the media to get an answer and assistance with repairing the unit since the forecast indicates a freeze later this week.

Joann Benford

Residential MD # 78979910

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Slow response by cross country, Supervisors attention.

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Is this the only repair option you have at your disposal? There should be other contractors available who can diagnose the problem and get a new furnace installed in a jiffy if you’d just give them a call.

Are you planning to let her keep using space heaters until spring? Why are home warranty customers so tenacious yet thrifty?

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