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Have called numerous times and still no reasonable response. Have left messages and no response.

No Repair to a valid claim.

Now I have a damaged floor to an active leak. Total Protect is managed or owned by Cross Country Home Services and it is a total ripoff.

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All home warranty companies are ripoff scams. Why is it so easy for consumers to misplace their trust with a home warranty/insurance company who cannot and will not help, instead of calling local, licensed, insured, reputable tradespeople that serve their local communities?

Why is it more palatable to believe that a third party will look after a home owner’s interest more so than the contractors that could be hired independently? Please check out the reputation of ALL the home warranty companies, and the contractors they employ—they are ALL getting horrible reviews. Getting new contractors is not the answer, nor is Switching home warranty companies. The problem is that to get good service you have to pay for it.

Call a local, small businessman who went through a trade program for 10 plus years as an apprentice and then complied with all the laws and regulations to become a master of the trade, and started a business too, while doing al the work himself to support his family. Don’t call a handyman or use a home warranty. Don’t use some guy who does the work on the side. When removable appliances break down, such as the dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, stove, oven, or the trash compactor, you have to get yourself a new one, unless you want to pay a repairman almost as much as a new one costs to fix it.

If you can do it yourself, it might be worth buying the part and giving it a try, but if not, it may cost almost as much as a new appliance to pay someone to come out. It’s just the way it is now that everything is made in other countries. Bring back manufacturing to the USA, and demand fewer electronics and lower energy efficiency, and our appliances might last longer! Some items, like water heaters and furnaces, and HVAC equipment, require plumbers and certified trade licensing and permits, and if you don’t call out a pro right from the start, you’re just asking for trouble.

How is a home warranty company going to resolve any of these issues in a timely manner??? They only exist to assist realtors in home sales by keeping the sales price of the house high instead of negotiating out repair issues before closing. Home warranty companies also exist to take your money and give you a headache in return because they don’t want to spend any actual money on the property either. Neither do their customers.

Guess what—they want to spend the money even less than the customers, because it is not their equipment that is broken! They HAVE working appliances, and couldn’t care less about anyone else. The contractors they use only want more new calls, because they get paid the same for each call. They don’t get paid for the work or the parts.

There is nothing to sell and nobody wants to spend any money.

All they want is more new home warranty calls, and the only way to get more is to not spend anyone’s money but their own. They take the bad reviews and resign themselves to doing nothing but home warranty calls until they get replaced by the next guy with a clean slate.

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