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Sears repairman suggested I buy home warranty January 2018 since he came out to work on dishwasher. I did.

In September 2018 I called for repair for a refrigerator that is too warm inside. Freezer is 24, refrigerator 46. Not healthy. Had appointment on 10/8, Repairman didn't pull fridge out, looked inside and said there was a duct closed and he opened it so air should be flowing to cool down everything as it appeared the freezer was cooling the whole unit - it is a side by side.

Guy said wait 24 hours then call if it didn't work. It didn't. I called - got an appointment TWO weeks away. No one ever showed up.

Called again - got appointment two more weeks later. Two different guys came out - looked at fridge, made a list of parts to be ordered to fix it. Took a month for parts to arrive - that in itself is another fiasco. (The people answering phones have also been rude, nasty and totally oblivious to crisis situations.) Still warm in freezer and fridge.

Thanksgiving dinner is ruined - family to come for it didn't come because I couldn't cook and feed them safely. Another appointment made finally after parts came in. Different guy arrived and didn't think he needed any of the ordered parts and did his "own" thing to fix the fridge. It didn't work.

Just made the temperatures even higher - worse than it was before he worked on it. Another 24 hours waited, and appointment made for two weeks. Waited 8-12 for arrival.No one showed up a person I called "guaranteed" someone would show up before the day was over. They didn't.

Christmas comes - can't make traditional foods - refrigerator isn't safe. Called again and FINALLY I am granted a repairman in my area - they made appointment within a few days. Hallelujah I thought. Wrong.

Nice person but he came out, made his assessment, ordered a part, made another appointment for two days later - last Saturday 1/3. He worked on fridge. I was told to wait again another 24 hours to see if it cooled. It didn't.

It is 1/7 today. I texted him on 1/4 to let him know it wasn't cooling to give him heads up on another plan. Haven't heard from him. Called him first thing this morning and left message asking if he would be the person to contact Sears (Cross Country) to tell them it still isn't working or should that be my job.

Nothing from him. I then called Sears and explained again what is going on, they have left the same local repairman a message that I am to be on schedule tomorrow. Sears said I am to contact him for time. I called him and left message that I would like to be the early appointment tomorrow as I have kids to get to lessons in the afternoon.

Nothing from him. I called a little while ago and left message saying if he wasn't going to keep my appointment just to let me know so I could try to find yet another solution to my ever worsening dilemma. One person I called said Research at Cross Country is who makes the determination as to repair or replace. I think now I should have my fridge replaced like their lying fairy tale ad verbiage makes one think will happen.

I have been more than patient - no compassion is shown to me, the customer who has had money charged each month for this worthless service. 7 appointments, 6 repairmen, and it is not fixed - since September 2018. 4 months - this is client abuse in its worst form. And this is a refrigerator - I have had to throw out so much $ in spoiled foods.

Can't keep anything permanent, no ice can be made anymore.

This company should be ashamed. I guarantee they wouldn't stand for it if it happened to them.

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Cross country is by far not the worst home warranty company. There are much worse ones!

That being said, all home warranties are scams, and their customers are also working their own scams. That’s right I said it. Home warranty customers are trying to get more than they spend out of the warranty. It is not an investment.

It’s a scam, on all sides. The contractors have their own side too. Everyone is trying to scam everyone else in this 3 way. Dip on out and buy a new fridge.

Cut loose from this mess. Fridge’s can’t be fixed.

Control boards and such, once they’re flaky, it’s all over. Unreliable appliances need to be scrapped.


Now you know the truth : so-called home warranties are not worth the paper they occupy.

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